Ice B’Gone Magic
Ice B’Gone Magic (aka IBG Magic Granular & IBG Magic Liquid) is a highly effective ice melting product. It is highly effective down to -30°. Snow will “burn off” with no plowing. IBG Magic Granular works faster and lasts longer, saving you up to 30%-50% in salt use. IBG Magic Granular is less corrosive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. See why everyone is talking about IBG Magic!

What is Ice B’Gone Magic Granular?
IBG Magic Granular starts out as ordinary rock salt, which is then treated with a liquid, agricultural by-product of the distilling process blended with magnesium chloride. This patented liquid is trademarked as IBG Magic Liquid and dramatically transforms rock salt into a new de-icing material.
IBG Magic Granular is safer to use on concrete, is less corrosive, may not harm curbside grassed areas or plants, and continues to melt ice to below  -35F° if used as directed.
IBG Magic Liquid is a highly effective  de-icing agent made from a patented blend of magnesium chloride and condensed distiller solubles. It is non-toxic, bio-degradable  and has a corrosion index lower than distilled water.
The benefits and results of treating  your salt stockpiles or your sand/salt stockpiles with IBG Magic Liquid are amazing!

Features and Benefits of  Ice B’Gone Magic Granular
IBG Magic Granular is regular rock  salt that has been treated with the liquid IBG Magic Liquid  at a rate of 8 gallons per ton of rock salt.
With a simple motorized pump and tank system, IBG Magic Liquid is easily applied to bulk rock salt stockpiles, to transform this corrosive, potentially destructive and inefficient material into IBG Magic Granular.
IBG Magic Granular is a highly effective ice melting product which is less corrosive, safe for concrete and brick and environmentally friendly.

Allan Block 
How has Allan Block Been Building Green?
The Switch-N-Go™ body changing system allows you to interchange truck bodies simply and easily in a matter of minutes.  You can set a loaded body on the ground or pick up a loaded body.
The Original system is designed to run with electronically powered hydraulics.  This saves you the expense of adding a power take-off and pump to your automatic transmission.  The system is offered with 9,000, 12,000, or 15,000 pound pull capacity winches.  The Switch-N-Go™ system has all of the benefits of a dump body as the scissor hoist will achieve a 50-degree dump angle, which is perfect for dumping mulch, asphalt, compacted soil, and more, dumping upwards of 10 tons.  The system is designed for trucks with a GVWR of 11,000 – 26,000 lbs
Switch-N-Go™ chipper bodies are available in six standard lengths, from 9 to 14 feet long, with capacities from 8 to 17 yards.  Additionally, Switch-N-Go™ chipper bodies come in three classes, standard, medium duty and heavy duty.  These containers all come with our top quality powder coated finish which is boosted by our triple stage wash to ensure proper curing and rust resistance.
Our Switch-N-Go™ chippers come standard with industry respected features side swing or barn door gates, greased wheels and sloped fronts that allow for easy cleanout.  Options for our chipper bodies include Standard or gable style roofs. 
The Switch-N-Go™ system when paired with a chipper body, dump body and flat bed allow a contractor or landscaper to realize the true benefit of a detachable truck body system.
Switch-N-Go™ platform bodies also known as flatbed or equipment bodies are available in seven standard lengths, from 9 to 15 feet long.  Companies that deliver equipment either to customers or to a job site can’t get enough of the Switch-N-Go™ system when it is paired with multiple platform or flatbed equipment bodies.  Now companies can keep their trucks in motion by having equipment or materials set in place on an equipment body so there is no wasteful loading or unloading time for the drivers.  They simply load up a full platform body and go then drop off that body at the work site and they are off to the shop to pick up the next delivery.
These flatbeds all come with our top quality powder coated finish which is boosted by our triple stage wash to ensure proper curing and rust resistance. 
Our equipment bodies come standard with industry respected features like bulkhead windows, keyholes, stake pockets and a one (1) foot equipment ramp.  Options for our platform bodies include 40” high stake sides, additional key holes and either 12” or 24” expanded metal sides.

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