Rugged Conveyor Belts & Rugged Conveyors
MiniveyorUSA™ is like no other rugged conveyor belt on the market, each 10′x15'' section weighs only 170 lbs, and 198 lbs for the 20″ version. These impressive light weight sections are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum sides, a stainless steel slider bed and a high density foam core, which makes the conveyors extremely strong (4,000 lb center load capacity), light weight and deploys in minutes.

Whether you’re inclining up a steep bank or into a dump truck, moving material across level ground, down a slope, or below grade excavating, the MiniveyorUSA™ rugged conveyor can make a difficult job quick. The conveyors are powered by 110V single, 220V, and 480V 3 phase, available anywhere. Also available are variable speed conveyors and hydraulic. You can operate three 10′ x 15″ Miniveyors on one 20 amp circuit.

The versatility is unmatched and with a large selection of conveyor length sizes (5′, 10′, 15′, 20′) and accessories available, there is no job too big or small that it can’t handle. Whether you need to go ten feet or a thousand, the MiniveyorUSA™ rugged conveyor belt system can do it all.